#3: Thibaut Meurisse on Upgrading Yourself

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Thibaut Meurisse is founder of the popular blog whatispersonaldevelopment.org and author of 11 books, including the Amazon bestseller “Upgrade Yourself”. Growing up in France, he decided to move across the globe and study in Japan, where he ended up staying for over half a decade. During that time, he started his blog to write about happiness, goal setting, motivation, and everything related to living a great life. 

Here are three tips Thibaut discussed:

  1. The biggest obstacle in achieving success is our understanding of the process. Failure is necessary! Divergence in the imagined path will happen! Don’t get overwhelmed or disappointed. Just keep swimmin’.
  2. Believe that anything is possible!
  3. In order to change your limiting beliefs, you must first acknowledge that it is a gradual process which takes lots of repetition. A great way to accelerate the process is to face your fears head on.

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