There is one big problem with motivation: It won’t just magically appear out of nowhere.

When most people set their goals, what they are basically doing is writing a wish list to Santa Claus telling him to change their life overnight. No effort involved, no hard work, but let’s just hope we magically lose 40 pounds or build our dream business. As you probably know, life doesn’t work that way.

To achieve anything in your life, you need focused effort, consistently repeated over time. It takes sweat, blood, and hard work to make things happen.

But the problem is, most people still believe that Santa Claus will come and give them all the motivation and willpower necessary to follow through. They think that if they just wait long enough, motivation will suddenly appear right in front of their eyes, never to leave them again.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but that kind of stuff only happens in the movies. The truth is, you will never naturally feel like doing things that are painful, uncomfortable, or scary. You will never feel like working out, ditching facebook, or giving that speech. Your brain is designed to protect you from exactly those things, and so it will do everything to destroy all motivation and talk you out of it.

That’s the bad news.

Now the good news is, there’s some tricks you can use to motivate yourself and conquer your day, no matter how little you may feel like it.

Here are six daily reminders that will help you actively create motivation so you can stop waiting for Santa Claus or New Year’s to magically give it to you:

1. Only you are responsible for your success.

The truth is, no one is ever going to hand you success. There is no magic bullet or success pill that you can use to suddenly become successful. Instead, success comes from hard work, consistently repeated over time. If you are not where you wanted to be at this stage in your life, chances are that you haven´t been committed enough to make your dreams come true.

2.“If you can, you must!” - Grant Cardone

Success in life and becoming the best person you can be should not just be your wish, but your duty! Your family, your friends, and everyone around you is impacted by your success and deserves the best version of you in their lives, both in financial and any other terms. Once you start acting like success is your duty and not just something that would be nice, you will find yourself getting obsessed with becoming the best you.

3.You don’t need to like what you do to love what you do.

This might sound contradictory at first, but let me explain: Even when you are living your purpose in life and do what you love, there will be many things that you may hate about it. Whether you dread making phone calls or answering emails, those are necessary parts of living your purpose every day. Recognize that you may not like everything you do on a daily basis, but it still allows you to live your purpose and do what you love. Instead of getting frustrated about the things you hate doing, think of all the great things they allow you to do! Ask yourself, “How does doing this allow me to serve my purpose in a bigger way?”

4.Feed the beast every day.

You should get utterly obsessed with your goals: Writing them, reading them, and imagining them all day long. Only when you know exactly what you are after and spend all day focused on it can you truly reach your full potential. Write your goals down every day both in the morning and evenings, visualize your future, and get obsessed with winning every day!

5. Track your progress every day.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself into action is by keeping track of how you are doing. When you set your goals and then track your progress every day, you will soon notice whether you are on your way to reaching them or not. The great thing about writing down your progress is, you can see what you are doing on a daily basis in black and white, no excuses.

If you determined that you have to make 20 sales calls a day to reach your goal but find yourself doing only 17, you know you are slacking off. If you said you would run 40 miles this week but by Saturday you have still only run 20 miles, you see that you are failing. This might cause some emotional pain in the short term when you realize that you are actually not doing whatever it takes and need to step it up, but will save you lots of long term pain because you won´t ever set a goal without taking the necessary actions anymore!

6. Dominating starts with dominating yourself.

Whatever you want to create in life, there is only one person holding you back: You! Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes all determine your actions, which in turn create your results. If you want better results, start by working on your mindset and mastering your thoughts and emotions on a daily basis. Almost every great success on this earth has been attributed to a change in mindset, so if you want to dominate your life, start by dominating yourself - your thoughts, beliefs, and actions!


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