Decision fatigue is the idea that making decisions uses up willpower, which decreases the quality of decisions made over time. The more choices we make and the harder they are, the more willpower we use. Decision fatigue has been shown to be more influential in court rulings than facts, logic, or even the law, which can make it a powerful and devastating enemy. Since your brain runs on glucose, nutrition is important for keeping decision fatigue in check.

3 Key Points:
1. Plan your day the night before: This saves up willpower in the morning so that you can spend it on other things.
2. Eat that frog: Do the hardest, scariest, and most uncomfortable things first thing in the morning because that’s when you have your maximum of willpower available.
3. Use implementation intentions: Scheduling exactly when you will do what has been shown to make you 3x more likely to follow through. Example: On Thursday at 6:30am, I run 5 miles in the park by my house.

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