#18: Dr. Bill Sciacca on Mastering Your Attitude

Today I am joined by the CEO of Intelligent Motivation Inc, Dr. Bill Sciacca. In addition to a PhD in Business Administration, Bill has spent over 30 years as a professor at several Universities and has decades of experience in sales and leadership training. He has also built successful businesses in multiple industries, and now teaches leadership, motivation, and goal setting to anyone who wants to improve their lives.

Key lessons:

  • Attitudes are habits of thought, and can be trained through rituals and repetition
  • Architects of change: As a leader, your job is to develop congruence between your people’s daily actions and the vision of your company
  • Success is not an event, but the daily process of doing the work
  • Avoid the Adversity Scan: When you wake up and ask: What’s wrong?

Best Quotes:

  • “Every person brightens up a room, some when they enter it and some when they leave it”
  • “If you don’t schedule activities that are important to you, you will begin to do activities that are important to other people. You can either be the master in your goals program or a tool in someone else’s goal program”
  • “It is better to act our way into a new set of feelings than it is for us to feel our way into a new set of actions”

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Intelligent Motivation Inc.

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