#4: Bob Tiede on Leading With Questions

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On today’s show, I’m joined by Bob Tiede, Director of Leadership Development at CRU and author of the popular leadership blog LeadingWithQuestions.com, which is followed by leaders all over the world! On this episode, he shared why leading with questions is so important as well as some of his favorite questions to improve social relationships, influence, and our own lives.

Three  reasons  why we should  use questions instead  of commands:

  1.  Gives  each person  a feeling of  importance, as they  contribute to a greater  degree. This results in greater  compliance and an increase in eagerness  to complete the task
  2.  When  you involve  more people in  the process, there  are more ideas on the  best way to complete a certain  task.
  3.  Asking  questions  builds relationships.  It brings the whole team  together in collaboration on  a task.

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