#9: World Champion Emma Pallant on Working Hard and Keeping Things in Perspective

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Today I am joined by an absolute superstar in the endurance world, Emma Pallant. Starting her career as a distance runner, Emma enjoyed early wins in Cross Country and Track and Field,  where she won several medals at the European and World championships.

After barely missing the 2008 Olympics, she had her sights set on the 2012 Olympics at home in London, but was forced by an injury to pull out of the Olympic trials and end her track career. Instead of giving up on sports however, she found a new love for triathlon, and soon began to dominate the field by winning Gold at the Duathlon World Championships in 2015 and 2016, as well as Silver at the 2017 Half Ironman World Championships.

Here are some tips Emma discussed in today’s show:

  • Stay balanced. Life is grander than your tasks. Don’t forget to have some fun in your life, and relax in between all of the hard work you are putting in.
  • When you want to accomplish something difficult, make sure the reason is bigger than the challenge.
  • “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Be consistent in what you do, and do not be discouraged by your skill level. Working hard is a talent itself.

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