Mastering your emotions first thing in the morning is one of the most life-changing practices you could ever develop in your life.


Because human beings are emotional beings.

We like to think that we are rational creatures, but the reality is that most choices we make throughout the day are based on the emotional state you are in.

Feeling sad, frustrated, or pissed off? You will act much differently than in an excited, passionate, loving, happy, or confident state.

Here’s the key though: YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF HOW YOU FEEL.

Outside circumstances, events, or people can trigger an emotional reaction, but whether you let the world dictate your mood or take control of it is your choice.

Here’s the 4 keys I explain in the video:

  1. Gain clarity on how you want to feel
  2. Affirm your state throughout the day
  3. Use your body to energize your mind
  4. Ask more empowering questions

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