#20: Olympic Champion Shannon Miller on the Gold Medal Mindset

Today I have the absolute honor of speaking with one of the greatest athletes of all time: US gymnast Shannon Miller, who has won an astounding 7 Olympic medals and 9 World Championship medals between 1991 and 96. After winning 2 Olympic gold medals at the age of 19, Shannon retired and now uses her company Shannon Miller Lifestyle to promote a healthy and balanced life.

Not everything was sunshine and rainbows though, and Shannon’s mental strength was tested outside of the usual spotlight when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. True to her nature though, she overcame cancer and now spends her time inspiring people, running her business, and raising 2 kids.

Top Takeaways:

  • Relieve pressure by doing the work beforehand
  • Doing a little bit extra every day for years eventually leads to great results
  • Write your goals every day
  • Without executing on your short-term goals, long-term goals won’t come true
  • Mental preparation is a constant and never-ending practice
  • If you can’t visualize yourself performing well, you won’t
  • Everyday is game day
  • Prioritize learning over accomplishment > What did you learn today?
  • In sports and life, you will fall down. The question is, who gets back up to win?
  • Your goals may be out of your control, but you can always take care of today
  • 3 things you should do every day: Learn, laugh, and say something kind to someone
  • Fake it till you make it: Pretend like you’re confident over and over until you become it


  • “The work you do today not only matters for today, but it matters for 5 years from now.”
  • “Gold medals are not won on the day of competition, they are won with the years of hard work and preparation that happened before you even stepped on the floor.”

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