#19: How Bad Do You Want It with Matt Fitzgerald

Today I am joined by the best-selling author and award-winning sports journalist Matt Fitzgerald. As a leading running and triathlon coach and certified sports nutritionist, Matt is the go-to guy for thousands of athletes who want to improve their performance both mentally and physically. Matt is also author of the incredible book “How Bad Do You Want It? Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle”, which has served me well in my own running career.

Key insights:

  • Everyone is struggling with the same problems, even the best in the world
  • Perception of effort is the limiting factor in endurance sports > the brain stops us long before our bodies shut down
  • Identifying and actively addressing our weaknesses is the only way to improve them
  • Effective visualization focuses on success, but NOT easy success > it needs to realistically address all the problems that may arise to prepare for the unexpected
  • By expecting pain in advance, we are able to cope better
  • Negative thoughts will happen, the key is catching yourself as quickly as possible
  • If you ever run a 50 mile race, don’t get lost at mile 49 😉
  • The more miserable you feel at the end of the race, the happier you’ll be the next day

Connect with Matt: mattfitzgerald.org

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